Steven Reeves Fine Art


As an artist, I am proud of this profession and conscious of its great heritage.  I pledge myself to the maintaining of the dignity of this profession.  I pledge that every painting that leaves my studio will represent my best effort as a creative artist and a craftsman.  The painting I am working on now is the most important one of all to me, and I will spare no effort to make it the finest work of art of which I am capable.  I pledge that I will employ only fine-quality materials and will take the traditional precautions to ensure the permanence of your painting.  I am conscious that I am producing not only a painting but also an enduring work of art.

"Mountain Stream"


22" x 30"

Private Collection - St. Louis, MO

Painted on location near the artist's childhood home in Alleghany County NC, near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

​​A native North Carolinian, Steven Reeves spent his youth in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of the tarheel state. His artistic abilities were realized at an early age, and he was encouraged to draw, paint, and be creative.​

The artist notes, "Crayons were among my earliest of friends." He later studied drawing and painting under the guidance of American southern artist, Abbe Rose Cox, who was once listed as one of the top ten women artists in the nation. Steven also pursued other artistic outlets including vocal and piano performance, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

While Steven embraces many forms of creative expression, his first love has always been painting. Passionate about his work, his most treasured time is spent in the studio where he can pour out his creative energy onto the canvas.

"I am especially enthusiastic about painting portraits. This form of artistic expression is fascinating and provides a rewarding experience. Interacting and connecting with the subject is a great joy and capturing a likeness can create a wonderful challenge. In addition to portraits, painting landscapes, especially of regional settings, gives me reason to smile. Growing up in a loving family of humble means, I enjoy painting scenes similar to the rural areas I explored as a child."

A sincere desire to create exceptional and lasting works of art and to pass what he has learned through teaching is Steven's primary goal when working with clients and students. "Making a positive impact in the lives of others gives meaning and memory to my work." This philosophy of endurance guides Steven in creating family heirlooms that will last for generations.

Steven is a life fellow of The Portrait Institute and is also a member of various art organizations. Since 2005, he has served as Executive Director of the Kingsport Art Guild, a non profit arts organization that promotes arts advocacy, education, and exhibitions in the Kingsport and Tri-Cities area of Northeast Tennessee.  He has taught classes in drawing and painting for over a decade in Tennesse and teaches priavte lessons in his Abingdon, Virginia studio.

His current studio is located in The Arts Depot in historic Abingdon, Virginia where Steven works as one of seven resident artists.  The Arts Depot is located at 314 Depot Square. Check

The Arts Depot is open Wednesday - Saturday from 10:00am - 4:00pm. Drop in for a visit or contact Steven for a meeting.

Steven has exhibited his artwork throughout much of the Southeast and Washington D.C. Additionally, his paintings are in collections in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.