All portraits are priced according to the individual requirements for the painting.

Fees for Charcoal portraits begin at $800

Pastel portraits begin at $1,600

Oil portraits begin at $3,200 for a single subject head and shoulders with simple background painted approximately life-size.

Request a full pricing schedule via email or text or call 423.767.0858

Fees increase proportionally for bust, half-figure/three quarter-figure, and full figure poses and may vary according to the complexity of the background.

Discounts are extended for multiple subjects in the same portrait.

painting procedure

  • Detailed background or clothing add 25% additional cost (3/4 or full length portraits)
  • 50% more for each additional subject
  • Pricing does not include sales tax or framing
  • Pricing for groups is available upon request
  • Travel expenses when necessary are the responsibility of the client
  • A 40% deposit is due in advance and is non-refundable 
  • Balance is due at the completion of the commission and accepted by the client
  • The artist does accept credit/debit card payment and payment plans.


Procedures & pricing

Steven Reeves Fine Art


During this time, we discuss the intent of the painting, size, composition, and other considerations.

If the client has any time specifications, they are discussed during the initial meeting.

If possible, a photo shoot is requested and may take place during the initial meeting.

If a posthumous portrait is planned, the client reviews the available reference photos.


During this session, photos and/or sketches are approved by the client and the painting will commence.

This meeting can be done in person or via phone or email. 

Final Meeting & Delivery

Delivery time of the finished painting will vary from a few weeks to several months.

At the final meeting, the completed painting is presented.  In the rare event minor adjustments or additions are requested by the client, they are discussed and completed.

Unless another meeting is needed, final payment is due at this time.